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Some people are lucky or save their pennies just right. My favorite “editor” went to Europe twice now, leaving me at a stopping point.  In the meantime I was taking care of my aging body. wink. Now that I am feeling better and things are looking up, we will both be working to complete the edit on “Jayi’s Tales” before the end of the year. Hugs to those loyal followers .. who we have let take a long rest from our postings. wink. MC


Author Event — Deborah Burst at the  Vianne’s Tea House Saturday, November 16
3:00 – 5:00 Deborah  will discuss her journey of discovery in writing her first book about historic churches. Gina Ferrara, a New Orleans poet, will recite poems from her book “Amber Porch Light.”
No reservations needed and no entrance fees. Enjoy an afternoon in historic Mandeville with two special authors. Discussion and book signings follow the authors’ talk.
Vianne’s Tea House
544 Girod St, Mandeville, LA
Phone:(985) 624-5683

Louisiana Book Fair Announcement

Opportunity Knocks: Louisiana Book Fair

Louisiana Book Fair will take place 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, Saturday, October 12 in the Columbia Theatre lobby, sponsored by the Hammond Downtown Development District, the Hammond Regional Arts Council, the Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center, and the Tangipahoa Parish Library’s Hammond Branch. 



Authors are invited to sell and/or sign copies of their works. If you have a book/books in print, please consider participating in person or via a representative. Roy is checking on the possibility of having a bookstore supply books, or you can supply your own if you have them available.



If you are willing to have your book(s) displayed and sold, email Roy at cblackwood@selu.edu or call him at 985-543-4366.


Thanks. William B. Robison, PhD  Department Head / Professor of History


Department of History and Political Science Southeastern Louisiana University


SLU 10895 Hammond LA 70402   985-549-2109 phone  985-549-2012 fax    wrobison@selu.edu


Celebration of Words is Saturday in Mandeville August 17th.2013

Celebration of Words is Saturday in Mandeville August 17th.
By Deborah Burst Special to the Advocate
Please read and try to join everyone at Barnes and Noble Store in Mandeville on Sat.

**The group credits the late Anna Marie Catoir, a manager at Barnes & Noble and an ambitious NLS board member, for bringing artistic events to the bookstore.) “Thank you .. I know she is with you in spirit. You should feel her present in the store.. as I have been told she is still roaming between the bookshelves.” Mary Catoir Mrs.Baker'sGhost for Blog 200dpi

Imagine a literary carnival throughout the day with theatrical skits, poetry readings, children’s story time and local author book readings and book signings. Such is the Celebration of Words, to be held Aug. 17 at the Mandeville Barnes and Nobles, 34144 U.S. 190.

Behind the event are Pamela Ewan Lott and Eve Brower, two noteworthy personalities in the north shore’s literary community. Lott is co-founder and president of the Northshore Literary Society, a nonprofit formed in 2007. Brower is a board member and the society’s secretary.

The NLS formed to support literary endeavors through social and educational events. Writers are invited to attend the group’s lively bi-monthly soirees, and last year, the society created Celebration of Words, a unique venue held in cooperation with the Mandeville bookstore.

The second annual Celebration of Words will take place from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday. How they arrived at such an ambitious endeavor is a result of the duo’s varied backgrounds.

A New Orleans native, Lott settled in Mandeville in 2004 after retiring from a successful law career with the international law firm in Houston. Her first book, “Faith on Trail,” was published in 1999 and gained national press. Under the pen name Pamela Binning Ewan, she has published five books with B&H Publishing, earned several awards and is scheduled to release a new book, “An Accidental Life,” on Sept. 1. Lott was recognized as Literary Artist of the Year in 2009 at the St. Tammany Parish President’s Arts Awards.

Perhaps her writing talents are genetic, as she comes from a long line of talented writers. Her cousin James Lee Burke penned the novel “White Cove At Morning” and the Dave Robicheaux series. A photo on Lott’s website introduces a smiling Lott and the writing and movie credits of relatives, including Academy Award nominations.

Eve Brower moved from Chicago to Covington in 2007 and credits her move to the community’s rich literary culture. Growing up in Chicago, she was influenced by a home filled with artistic pursuits; her mother is still a voracious reader at the age of 99.

Brower’s interests never veered far from writing, having worked with public relations and advertising firms.

“I like the old-fashioned art of crafting sentences, playing with syntax and construction, exploring language and the subtle differences in words,” she said. “But lately, I’ve come to love the economy and efficiency of poetry, creating meaning through the sounds of words, line breaks, implied comparisons and all the overt and covert devices that poetry can employ.”

Today, her literary works focus on lauded poetry and short stories. She was named the 2012 St. Tammany Parish Literary Artist of the Year. She is a member of the creative writing group the Inklings, and her work appears in their latest publication. Her contacts with the Inklings introduced her to NLS.

Brower enjoys another creative endeavor called Poets Alive, which she calls an avenue for poets to give literal voice to their works. The group has held readings in various locations including Christ wood and Barnes & Noble.

The group credits the late Anna Marie Catoir, a manager at Barnes & Noble and an ambitious NLS board member, for bringing artistic events to the bookstore. It was at a Poets Alive presentation at the store that Brower remembers, “It occurred to me that we could build on that activity, start early in the morning and run mini-events all day long.” This was the inspiration for a Celebration of Words.

“We’re going to build on the best from last year’s event,” Brower said. “There will be no charge for the presentations, and this year we will include a free raffle for a Nook.”

Jennifer and Shawn Patterson of Creative Arts of St. Tammany will kick off the day with a real-life play for young children, including autographs from the actors.

The children also can enjoy story hour and meeting the actual authors who wrote the books.

Last year, many crowded around the authors, eager for autographs.

High school students who represented their schools in the recent Poetry Out Loud competition will recite their winning entries. The author’s circle will feature local authors in readings and book signings.

Up-and-coming writers will read short excerpts from their works-in-progress.

Author and storyteller Michelle Thirstiest will lead young children in a Pied Piper dance through the aisles, as she tells them the tales of “Juju the Good Voodoo Doll.” Later in the evening, Poet’s Alive authors will introduce their original works.

For details, visit www.northshoreliterarysociety.com.



Mrs. Baker’s and Jayi welcomes you …

Mrs. Baker's Ghost welcomes you.. just open the door.

Mrs. Baker’s Ghost welcomes you.. just open the door.  

I pulled myself from the pile of pillows and sheets where I slept.Then I wrapped my favorite blanket around me before following the lone note of the trumpet to Cory Porter’s open door. From the hall I could see he wasn’t alone. Four or five of Whiskey Bay’s regulars were all snuggled down in the well-worn, overstuffed sofa and armchairs. Tonight, Cory was the sole performer. The trumpet’s notes multiplied into a heartbreaking melody that awakened me. Now, his music stirred up into a furious storm of angry notes that taunted and raged at the listener. I walked in slowly and approached the sofa. One of Cory’s friends patted his lap and I sat down. I nestled sideways on the man’s lap with my head against his shoulder. The music softened into a steady rhythm accompanied by the beating heart of the man who held me.

http://www.smashwords.com or http://www.barnesandnoble.com .. Just type the title Mrs. Baker’s Ghost and step through the door. If you have already ventured through the book, please go back and leave a short book review.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Wishing everyone Happy Valentine Day, beautiful art by a FB friend.

Wishing everyone Happy Valentine Day, beautiful art by a FB friend.

Well today is the day.. Sweethearts male and female are to be remembered. I figure I would start by saying thanks to all that have purchased Mrs.Baker’s Ghost. Family and friends are so important but too many don’t carry the feeling throughout the year. In Mrs. Baker’s Ghost.. you can find something you have lost… if you solve the riddle.

Anna Marie Catoir’s Profile page with Mrs.Baker’s Ghost



It’s amazing all the new things I am learning but … I probably will forget them the moment I get my head into another good book. Currently working on Jayi’s Tales that follows Mrs. Baker’s Ghost, hopefully in April 2013.

We WRITE TO TASTE LIFE TWICE, Anais Nin – at least it helps me. Have a great day.

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Mrs. Baker’s Ghost – New Reviews

I wish I knew everyone that posted reviews so I could send them all great big hugs…thank you..

Review by: Max Kinney on Jan. 26, 2013 : star star star star star
From Cory’s “lone note” to Alastair’s “Caw”, Anna Marie draws you in and makes you feel like a welcome visitor at Whiskey Bay. She trickles out information (and gossip) in perfect doses that keep you mildly intoxicated from beginning to end. Colorful and entertaining, Mrs. Baker’s Ghost is a well written story by a very talented author.
(reviewed long after purchase)
Review by: Paula Dennis on Jan. 21, 2013 : (no rating)
What a wonderful story! The characters seemed to pop out in my head as I read and I could just picture the scenes. The author is extremely talented and I cannot wait until Jayi’s Tales comes out so I can read more about Mrs. Baker, Cory, and Jayi’s adventures! And love the recipes at the back of the book! Definitely a book I would recommend to my family and friends!
(reviewed within a month of purchase)
Review by: Cindy Cunningham on Jan. 17, 2013 : star star star star star
What an entertaining read! The characters came to life quickly & leaves you wanting to follow their lives further. Light hearted & mysterious. Will definitely be looking for more reads on Jayi & her adventures!
www.smashwords.com/books/category/1223 ( type in title Mrs. Baker’s Ghost)
www.barnesandnoble.com ( type in title Mrs. Baker’s Ghost)
www.kobo.com  ( type in title Mrs. Baker’s Ghost)


I Want to Live by missy

I am only going to share two stanza of this poem, from Jean’s  friend Missy of  who passed away recently.

I Want to Live by Missy

If I pass away young please celebrate my life with gleeI do fear my death will be painful for me by all the pain I endure on a daily basis, although I’m not done existing in this wacky world of ours

Mary Catoir

You can read more at FanStory.com

The Giant Snowball by Linda Black, Willow Moon Publishing

The Adventures of Boots: The Giant Snowball by Linda Black

Willow Moon Publishing

This is a little story is about a playful little Cat that wanted to build a snowman. You will discover that he and his friends learned to be happy in their own skin (happy with the way they looked). It’s nice having friends that care.