The Northshore Literary Society’s second meeting

Deb Burst and Pam Ewen hosted another lovely event. This time we met at a beautiful retreat called The Rivers. This is a 13 acre bed and breakfast which plays host to a range of activities from business gatherings to artist workshops, was the  perfect spot — set right on the Tchefuncte River and hidden away from the outside world by the trees. In a climate of  hot and/or wet we were blessed with a truly nice spring day.

The poetry reading was a great success. I was nervous and forgot to talk a minute about origins of fairy tales and their darker original versions. In the end it didn’t seem to matter. I read two poems. “A Fairy Tale”, originally published in Mosaic, the Nicholls State Literary Journal and “Godmother”, originally published at   Gene Lipps, a local songwriter, played some soft music on his guitar as I read. It all went by very quickly. After Erica Spindler talked about her work people mingled. Listening to Erica talk is always fun, she has such great stories. She even told just a hint about her next book!

I was surprised by how many people came up to me and said how much they liked my work. It was great. I have never read to a group of strangers before. Anytime I’ve shared my work with a group it has been among close friends or at workshops. This was quiet a thrill and I’m very glad to have been invited.

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