I’m missing something, maybe

Aesop’s Fable in the lab. There are several books written about the intelligence of birds in the Corvus genus. While I’ve never read of this exact experiment, I’ve read or seen something about birds who use tools.  Is this experiment proving something different that the article doesn’t fully explain? Is the pebble/water problem more significant then just smart birds and tool use?   I guess I want to know if I’m missing a larger point, other then Aesop was a keen observer of nature. I like stories that tie into fairy tales, fables, myths, and legends… facts that add meaning, retellings that let you explore the world again,  even scholarly works that send you on a treasure hunt for meaning. Maybe it’s because it’s pass two in the morning, that I want something more out of this article then what is there. Instead of babbling, I should be offering up my congratulations to four smart rooks.

In an aside — all this reminds me that the only thing I truly love about getting to work before 7am is the crows that fill the parking lot and caw at the top of their lungs.

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