App App who has and an App they love

I read an article in the most current New Scientist magazine about how smartphones, Apps in particular, are changing our lives. Like most magazine articles it gives a bunch of fancy examples and glosses over the stuff i find the most interesting. One point is the transfering some of our memory or cognative ablity to the phone. I do want to point that I’m typing this via an Iphone app that lacks spell check. Back to my point, i’ve an app that’s called Evernote — tag line is something like never forget anything. I syncs note between phone, home computer, and internet. Great! I can’t possibly forget the ideas saved there, mostly because I never commited them to memory in the first place.

How do y’all feel about your memory and your phone? ( Feel free to answer even if you don’t use an App. I don’t think I’ve remembered a phone number since I got myfirst cell.)


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