in progress II

This was actually meant to be ‘in progress I’, but I got distracted by the scrap cardboard left over from cutting this one out. This being the thicker piece it took an extra day to dry.

So, the first thing I learn is the multiple layers that give this cardboard strength evaporate when wet, pressed, and dried. Part of me knew that of course, but its was made relevant by the fact that I’m using the wet cardboard and not tossing it out with the rubbish.

Over all I like the looks of this guy.

2nd cardboard mask in progress on Twitpicclick to view larger

In order to keep the layers together and so I’ll eventually have a place to attach a cord. I used Liquid Nails to tack the layers together again and to hold two cotter pins in place (one on either side, inserted between the layers).

Not wanting to damage the relatively smooth surface of my mask, I used bobby pins to clamp the layers together until the glue dried.

with bobby pins for clamps... on Twitpic

Even though I didn’t want to mare the surface of the cardboard, I decided I wanted some texture. I purchased some spray-on wall texture at the hardware store. This is the first time I’ve used this product and while the result isn’t exactly what I’d hoped for, I don’t dislike it.


Now, I have to wait for the mud to dry.


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