The Lone Sentinel (aka in progress II)

It is done! This mask which is made from cardboard, glue, spray paint, knockdown spray texture, cotter pins, and ribbon is finally done. It is fantastic and what’s more it is for sale. This mask is designed for light / decorative use.  You wouldn’t want to get it wet or excessively sweaty.

The whole time I was making this one, I kept thinking solider, armor, forgotten, and broken. It got to the point that every time some mention The Phantom to me, clearly meaning the Opera as I’m not sure they know about the comic book character, I kind of got angry. Couldn’t they see the difference? Sometimes the faces that peek out of the art supplies only look at me and that’s a little scary.

So here is hoping that I’ve done my job and created a “Lone Sentinel,” some forgotten warrior that will stare out forever at the world that partially left it behind.


I am asking $25 dollars for this one plus shipping. Domestic Priority Mail USPS is about $7.50, actual shipping based on destination. Please contact me at SanguinePiskie @ gmail . com.


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