Afternoon at La Provence

The Northshore Literary Society met tonight at La Provence and it was the biggest event yet. Pamela Ewen and Deb Burst, the founders of the NLS,  planned an exquisite afternoon. There where so many new faces that I believe that people got use to introducing themselves and continued to do so even to people they knew. The wine flowed until it ran out and the waiters circulate with hors d’oeuvres they couldn’t quite name.

The guest speakers Elizabeth Moore and Alice Couvillon we’re delightful. They were funny and entertaining as they explained how they began writing together.  I love the part where they revealed how they found their publisher by working their way through the phone book.  Moore and Couvillon also told us about upcoming projects, one about the largest Indian mounds in the Western Hemisphere and one about Spanish fairy tales.

Also in attendance was Lynda Deniger who’s children’s book Salty Seas & His Heroic Friends has just been publish. I have been watching this book since its manuscript stage and it is simply beautiful in its finished form.

Ewen and Burst are moving the Society towards having paid memberships. The membership cost for the year is $25.oo and the money will go toward the cost of putting on the Sunday Events. Please check out the website for more information or ways to contact the founders. The Northshore Literary Society is the area foremost literary organization working to bring readers and writers together.


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