End of the Year

It is December 30th and I am ruminating on the past year. I have done a lot this year. January, I signed up for The New Author Challenge over at Literary Escapism. I said that I’d read 25 new authors this year. I got to 22! I actually completed the challenge if you count the non-fiction I read. In February, I’ve drove to Florida with a friend simply to see a play (Dangerous). The day after we got back, I managed a minor trip to the emergency room. In March I started a new blog at wordpress.com, where I reported my art show at the Causeway Branch Library (2nd annual?). In April, I read a couple of my poems at the Northshore Literary Society meeting. In May, I started an Etsy shop. June and July it was classes at the library. I really love teaching mask making to the teens. This was the first year I taught Altered Journaling. I think it went okay. The librarians liked it so much they invited me back in August to teach an adult class. Mom and I went on another of a wonderfully zany road trips in June to Kalamazoo where we saw a very neat Air Museum, had to wait in a parking lot while the Vice President’s motorcade passed, then we visited a teddy bear museum in Chelsea, a Star Trek exhibit in Detroit, and surprised our family in Cleveland. We called my aunt in the middle of the night and told her we where on the way. She called the rest of the family and everyone had wild ideas about why we where arriving in Cleveland on such short notice. I really like to go of these crazy trips. I regret not going swimming even once this summer, even though I bought a new swimsuit. I’m proud of the fact that I made a bunch of new masks this year. I like the quick way of working on cardboard, but I think I’m using them as a gate way to something else. I really want to try working in leather. I had a birthday in August. I guess that is silly to report. It happens every year, and this one wasn’t a particularly special one. In mid-September I went with some friends to San Fransisco. We saw China Town, Height Ashbury, Alcatraz, and Berkley. In Berkley we saw the Green Day rock opera “American Idiot.” That was my second trip out of state to see a play. Did I mention I love live theater? Over Halloween I went to visit my brother. Someone rear-ended my car on the way there. In June someone had rear-ended my mother’s motor home while we were parked in my aunt’s driveway. In Raleigh, we attended the Phantoms of the Orchestra – which was a very awesome and funny Halloween orchestral program designed with kids in mind. After the show there was an usher posted at the escalator who wouldn’t let me ascend because my shoe was untied. Which is fantastic for me because I am terrified of escalator, but it was funny to watch him scanning the floor for bits of trailing costume and other untied laces. I put out a second issue of Blood Oranges Zine! I really like how it turned out though, I do wish I could have found a comic page I liked for the issue. I sold a piece of art work to an online fairytale magazine called Enchanted Conversations. It is not a mask, but a drawing. It is a doodle really. One of my swirly patterns that turned into a lady. Sleeping Beauty’s Dream is what I called it. They are displaying it with a poem called Dreaming by Jennifer Liu. While we are talking about poems, one of mine was nominated for the 2009 Dwarf Stars award. I also sold a very short poem to a gentleman who is going to be starting a twitter feed zine for National Poetry Month. That’s it the whole year in less then one typed page. I read less then 50 books this year. Odd little note, I am enjoying the printed book vs. e-book debate as much as I enjoy the creationism, ID, evolution debate. By the way, It was Darwin’s 200th birthday this year. I only managed one of this year’s resolutions, if a little late. I got out a new issue of the zine. I have failed miserably at the dwelling. I wanted timeline software to help with the reading map of world, but I downloaded several programs and started several times – it never seemed to work out just how I wanted it. Not to mention I read so little it seemed pointless. I still don’t ask enough questions.

this should have posted last night. Oh, well …. Happy New Year

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