Bones – The X in the File

After the Avatar episode of Bones, I’ve been getting a little weary of what the shows writers are up to. It seems to me they are getting perilously close to jumping the shark on occasion. I was really mad after they turned my favorite TV show and the only one I make an actual effort to catch as it airs into an hour long commercial for the movie Avatar. Not only is one of Bones interns also an actor in the movie, but they actually show parts of the trailer within the episode. I’m not against all product placement. I am cool if some actor drinks a Coke on screen or drives a Ford, but the whole episode as commercial?

So I wasn’t very pleased when I found out that last nights episode was going to be ‘aliens,’ I thought it was going to be hokey. I am very pleased to say I was wrong. I laughed till I was hoarse at the whole MRI scene. It was great!

I know that conspiracy theory is one of Hodgins character traits but it seems like following ‘aliens’ with ‘possible Kennedy assaination’ is coming dangerous close to over kill. Since ‘aliens’ didn’t turn out so bad, here is to hoping the ‘Kennedy’ episode is pulled off with the same style.

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