6 sentences

I bought my ticket, so to speak. I’ve chosen to support Kickstarter project Andrew vs. The Collective at the $15 Foe level. I get to submit 6 sentences, one for each of the short stories Andrew Fitzgerald will be writing as part of this project. He is also offering signed copies of his novel The Collective.

Back to the sentences, he says that he wants us to try to stump him; his project has garner lots of backers. There are 22 people alone at the Foe level — that’s 22 disparate sentences in one short story. There are people at lower levels contributing words and at higher levels contributing scenes or characters.

This is going to be interesting to watch and read. Short stories are already tight; each word has to carry a lot of weight. What if he gets a would-be Faulkner or Joyce with 1,000 plus word sentences? I’ve been thinking about this since I signed up — not about submitting a 1,000 word sentences, but about how to craft a story around 22 other sentences.  I’ve been working on my sentences, laying them out and playing with them, obsessing over my grammar or lack thereof, and trying to come up with something that will be unique without being gibberish.

I’ve been thinking about crafting sentences more specifically as oppose to whole stories or paragraphs since I read Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose. I checked out the audio from the library and like it so much I had to go out and buy the book so I could see the actual words, sentences and paragraphs she was talking about. Prose’s book, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned somewhere else, using close reading to examine writers word choice, sentence craft and so on to help writers improve their own skill. While, I’m still working the on the writing part after finishing her book I had a several additions to my to-be-read list. It may be time for me to review the sentence chapter and unearth some of those examples from the TBR pile.

I hope Mr. Fitzgerald can pull of the task he has set for himself. It is definitely going to be interesting to read these short stories.

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