It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? (July 26th)


Accidental Sorcerer by K. E. Mills — this was pleasant enough audio, but I wasn’t sufficiently thrilled to pursue the second book. I’m kind of glad it’s over.

Blood Soup by Kelly A. Harmon – I really enjoyed this novella. Check out the review below.


The Wedding Singer: the Musical at Le Petit Theatre duVieux Carre which is one of it not the oldest community theater in the United States! They are getting ready to start their 95th Season.  The Wedding Singer was wonderfully cast and produced. It followed the movie closely.

Reviews Posted:

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

Blood Soup by Kelly A. Harmon

Reading Now:

I am reading too many books at one time and rather than repeat all the half-finished book from earlier weeks. I’ll just mention that I need to re-check out from the Library the eBook I was reading. The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag ceased to open (as expected) once my 14-day license expired.

Pursuing the first chapters of The Strange Case of the Composer and his Judge I ran across the word myrmidons, which means a loyal follower, esp one who blindly follows orders.

Co-worker loaned me a copy of George Mann’s Ghosts of Manhattan which reminds me a lot of THE SHADOW. It seems to be picking up.

The C. J. Parker book I am reading Fugue Macabre: Bone Dance is soon to be a print book.

Books Received in the Mail:

The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley (via BookMooch) because of a great review on Things Means a Lot.

Slow Reading by John Miedema (purchased via

Cowgirl Rising: The Art of Donna Howell-Sickles by Peg Streep (purchased via BetterWorldBooks)

The Strange Case of the Composer and His Judge by Patricia Buncker (ARC from publisher via ShelfAwareness)


Does anyone belong to a Literary Society (I belong to the Northshore Literary Society) of some type? Not a book club, but an organization that promotes literacy in their community, brings in guess speakers, apply for grants to meet goals?

Our Literary Society is trying to expand and more formally organize and I’m looking for suggestions.

What are your formal goals?

What are your favorite activities?

To what to you receive the best public response?

Any other advice?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Wish List:

Primal Picnics: Writers Invent Creation Myths for their Favorite Foods (With Recipes) ed. by Jennifer Heath


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading is organized by Sheila over at Book Journey. Be sure to stop by her site and read the great blogs of the other participates.

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17 Responses

  1. The Folk Keeper looks intriguing…I’ll be watching for the review. Enjoy your books.

    Here’s my Monday:

  2. You have a lot of good books going on! I am cruising through the titles you have listed here. Enjoy your week 😀

  3. You have a great selection to choose from.

    Happy reading!

  4. It’s terrible — I haven’t heard of a single one of the books you mentioned!!
    good luck getting thru so may!
    Here is my Monday list:

  5. I added several of these to my TBR pile during the week because of your reviews! Glad to see them come recommended 🙂

    Have a great week! Mine is here:

  6. I have been wanting to read The Strange Case of the Composer. It looks s though you have a great week lined-up. Happy reading. If you have time, stop by my Monday:

  7. Interesting line-up of books, I’ve been meaning to try Jennifer Crusie for a while now. Have a great week and happy reading 🙂

  8. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.

    I also tried to read The Accidental Sorcerer and lost interest about a third of the way through. I was disappointed because it sounds like a good book, with a promising “blurb”, but was just okay – but not enough for me to finish reading. Maybe if I’d stuck through it, it might have gotten better, but there were all these other books that get my attention and keep it. Oh well – can’t like them all.

    I laughed when I read you comment about reading so many books at the same time. I do this too, at any given time I have about six books (or more) that I’ve started and I go back and forth til one just sticks with me. I call it B.A.D.D. (bood attention deficit disorder) and have made up symptoms to go along with this semi-fake disease. LOL I posted about it over a year ago, and again a few months ago. It’s a rather fun “disorder” to have, though. 🙂

  9. I have wanted to read The Strange Case of The Composer and his Judge. Sounds like you have a week of good books!

    Hugs xxx

  10. I really like the Folk Keeper hope you enjoy it. Have a great week!

  11. These are all new titles to me, but they sound really interesting.


  12. It would be so fun to see The Wedding Singer musical! And such an old theater! How fun! Don’t you hate it when you feel like your repeating yourself week after week? I always have a few books I’m determined to get read each week and it just doesn’t happen so I hate to even say I’m going to TRY to read them anymore.
    Have a happy reading week!

  13. A really good reading list you have there. ‘Cowgirl Rising’ sounds great!

    Have a great week!

    Heres my Monday:

  14. The Wedding Singer would be a really fun musical to see. Have a great reading week!

  15. That’s a lot of books! Blood Soup sounds good 🙂

  16. i haven’t heard of any of the books you’ve got listed but The Folk Keeper sounds good to me.

    Here’s my Monday

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