Women During WWII

Women During WWII

Barnes & Noble
Mandeville, LA

Sunday, September 12 @ 4 pm

Join the conversation. The Women’s Book Salon is not like a normal book club. It is a bi-monthly event where everyone can read whatever book appeals to them on the topic of the month. Then for an hour or so on a lazy Sunday afternoon we get together and talk and talk.

For September, our topic is Women of WWII. It is a celebration of the mothers, daughters, sisters, and lovers whose bravery and sacrifice was just as great as any solider on the front.

This will be our fourth meeting. During our first meeting we talking about women from Louisiana, for our second we talked about international women, and the for our third we discussed Southern women. I have read about some interesting women. Margaret Haughery, Margery Kemp, and various Southern Greats in a collection called Hell’s Belles.

I have attached a list of suggested books here: Women during WWII Table. I look forward to reading Slacks and Calluses: One Summer in the Bomber Factory and learning about the many other facets of life of women during that time both in the war and at home.


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  1. Sounds like a great book club 🙂 I hope you enjoy the books!

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