It’s Monday, What Are You Reading (Aug 9th)


NOTHING, too many things going on (read more doctors apps.). I did attend a virtual conference called Book Bloggers and Authors Online Conference that was very interesting.  As a result I spent time setting up my first author interview.


The Ghost of Manhattan by George Mann. It wasn’t terrible, just seemed too familiar. And that reason sound weak and lame, given how much I enjoy reading rewritten fairy tales and myths.  After all, aren’t The Shadow, Batman, The Phantom, etc. just modern myths, those stories that seem to seep into everyone consciousness sometimes without every encountering the original source.  Maybe I’ll try it again later when my brain isn’t so easily distracted.


The Blind Contessa’s New Machine by Carey Wallace — there are so many lovely quotes I spend as much time writing as reading. (on loan)

Blood Smoke and Mirrors by Robyn Bachar — I am not very far into this one, but I like the voice so far.(purchased for NOOK) Doesn’t it have a cool cover? To be honest I think that is what drew me in.

The Shallows by Nicholas Carr — Did you know that Gutenberg couldn’t pay back his loans so, he lost his press and left printing forever? (purchased from

And in Other News:

Jacket Whys links to an interesting article about “the lost art of  cover design” and I have to admit a cover does draw me into a book. I may not buy it because wholly based on the cover, but I certainly pick many a book up because of it.


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading is organized by Sheila over at Book Journey. Be sure to stop by her site and read the great blogs of the other participates.

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8 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t get much reading done this week. And yes, I really enjoyed The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, love Flavia!

    The Blind Contessa’s New Machine does sound wonderful – enjoy!

  2. Hi Anna Marie,

    Now you have distracted me with an article (about the online book bloggers con.) that I just have to rush off and read. And then to visit Jacket Whys… which I do subscribe to via RSS but I haven’t checked my reader for a couple of days.

    Thanks for the links 🙂

  3. The cover of a book is soooo important (and how was the blogger con? I thought about it but just didn’t have time).

    Here is my Monday!

    • I enjoyed the con. It was my first conference for bloggers. I feel like I’ve learned a lot by participating in this It’s Monday meme, and I picked up a few ideas at the conference that I think will help me expand my horizons. Did you notice, I changed my banner? I hadn’t given it much though, but someone suggest that I try to personalize it. I’d love to know what you think.

  4. Hey Anna Marie! It was so good meeting you at the BBA Conference this weekend! I will definitely check out the book cover article. I must admit that I do pay more attention to books with nice covers!

  5. I bet the online conference was cool. I was out of town and missed it. A lot of people didn’t get a lot of reading done this past week, including me…. soaking in the Summer 😀

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