Unbirthday Time!

It is that time of year again, when I sort out all the still good, but useless-to-me stuff from the TRASH from the I’m-never-getting-rid-of-that things in my life. I take all the Still Good, But Useless-to-Me stuff to work and bestow the odds and ends upon my co-workers. This year I’ve one hinge, 3 plastic cookie cutters, a football needle, a set of ear buds, a case for a portable CD player, a poster for Kingdom Come, out of date TEXT books, and so on and so forth. I’m sure y’all get the idea. There are still drawers to go through.

Some people do this earlier and call it spring cleaning, I call it HAPPY UnBirthday! It is a tradition. I’ve hauled junk to work for several years now, giving out miscellaneous objects as if they are great treasure mostly to amusement and delight. There have been a few polite declinations (usually accompanied by that ever so subtle back away from the crazy person look).

How do you clean you cabinets? drawers? closets? One unbirthday present to the person with the most interesting answer as chosen by someone I work with. (I don’t know who I’ll ask, so they don’t know they are judging this yet) Don’t forget to give me your email in the comments, too! Comments open until Aug. 18th!

One Response

  1. I’m quite the hoarder… though it really is time I did a sort out! Great idea!

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