It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? (Sept. 20th)

Author Interview:

If you haven’t stopped by this week, please check out my very first ever author interview: 5 Minutes with Pamela Ewen


The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley — I really enjoyed this middle grade novel, which I picked up from BookMooch.  The publisher says ages 10-14, but I think it has appeals for older readers as well, esp. those who enjoy rewritten fairy tales and legends. You can read my review here.


The Thin Place by Kathryn Davis — this one is a little confusing and I’m not really sure where it is going yet. I picked this up from BookMooch.


The Barnes & Noble boxes arrived this week. Yay, Birthday gift cards.

To feed my Nero Wolf obsession, I got three books about the series. Fan guides of a sort. I can’t wait to start going through them. I also received, Devotions upon Emergent Occasions and Death’s Duel by John Donne. I’d been watching 84, Charing Cross Road and listening to Helene Hanff talk about Donne’s essays, which I’ve never read and decided that it was time to remedy that. I like a lot of Donne’s poetry, so I’m looking forward to the essays.  I also picked out Blackout by Connie Willis, because I really enjoyed To Say Nothing of the Dog and I heard a wonderful interview with her talking about the title. And lastly, I got These Children Who Come At You with Knives and of other fairy tales by Jim Knipfel, which I don’t know a lot about, but it sounded cool.


While the contest is over, I thought that The Lost Entwife’s review and enthusiasm for A Long, Long Time Ago & Essentially True by Brigid Pasulka was contagious and I have added this title to my Wish List.


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading is organized by Sheila over at Book Journey. Be sure to stop by her site and read the great blogs of the other participates.

( On a personal note I’d like to thank St. Jude, St. Rita, the Blessed Mother, and Heavenly Father for all the prayers they’ve answered in the last month and to continue to ask for their help and blessings.)


16 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you’ve added Pasulka’s book to your wish list! It’s such a beautiful story and the more that read it the more publicity it gets!

    Thank you for your support over on my blog so much =)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I like your blog; I could spend a lot of time looking around.

    Thanks for the heads up on The Folk Keeper. I’d never heard of it, and now I want to read it!


  3. Prayers for you and your intentions

  4. I like how you added a “Blogs” category to your recap. Great idea! Have a good reading week!

  5. I am undergoing a reading slump. You did well. Have another great reading week ahead!

    Here is my Mondays: Mailbox/Where Am I/Musings post.

  6. I hope The Thin Place clears up a bit for you. Happy reading!

  7. I also liked The Folk Keeper! Great review. I need to stop by more often and visit you!

  8. I was curious, did you ever read How to Buy a Love for Reading?

  9. Sounds like you got some great books from B&N 😀

  10. Congrats on your first interview! How exciting!

    I love that you highlight a blog in your post! SO neat. Plus I’m a huge fan of Lydia’s, she’s just amazing!

    Have a fantastic reading week and thanks for stopping by earlier!

  11. Hi Anna Marie,

    Looks like you had a productive week!

  12. Great minds think alike. 😛 I just started Blackout by Connie Willis.

  13. Havent read any of these books but hope you have another good reading week.

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