It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? (Oct. 11)


The Women of Nell Gwynne’s by Kage Baker — loved this, see review here!

Beauty and the Beast: Human-animal Relations as Revealed in Real Photo Postcards, 1905-1935 by Arnold Arluke — I can’t say I really finished this one. I got a little squeamish at some of the pictures in the middle and sort of did a skim and scan until I had enough. I’ve reviewed the parts I did read here! There are some neat thing in here so should not be dismissed entirely.


The Banquet of Esther Rosenbaum by Penny Simpson — so far, this is a recommend…. I’m hoping it stays that way.


I raided the library and have a ton of books — mostly for skimming and scanning, but who knows what will catch my eye. There is:

The Steampunk Trilogy by Paul DiFilippo; The Most Powerful Idea in the World by William Rosen; The Victorians by Aidan Cruttenden; Eminent Victorians (Illustrated Edition) by Lytton Strachey; Magnificent Dreams (Burne-Jones and the Late Victorians) by Frances Spalding; The Steampunk Style Jewelry by Jean Campbell

I also got several books by fellow member of the Northshore Literary Society, Liz Scott

Never Heave Your Bosom in a Front Hook Bra and Never Sleep with a Fat Man in July – both written under the name Modine Gunch.

→ Her new book Never Clean Your House During Hurricane Season is out.  All the proceeds will go to charity, including The St. Bernard Project, a program that helps those affected by Katrina and the BP oil disaster in New Orleans’ neighboring parish of St. Bernard.


♦ For those of you last week who weren’t too familiar with Steampunk and for those of you who just want to know more. In the Blogs this week there was an interesting article on one of the more common archetypes in Steampunk fiction. Check it here.

♦ Here is an interesting blog post that mentions the idea of Blogger as Translator. It is a concept that I’d not run across before. What do y’all think about the idea?


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading is organized by Sheila over at Book Journey. Be sure to stop by her site and read the great blogs of the other participates.

( On a personal note I’d like to thank St. Jude, St. Rita, the Blessed Mother, and Heavenly Father for all the prayers they’ve answered in the last month and to continue to ask for their help and blessings.)


10 Responses

  1. I haven’t dabbled in Steampuck – yet. It fascinates me 🙂

  2. I have yet to try any steampunk. I look forward to your review. Have a lovely week reading. My Monday:

  3. Modine is wonderful!

  4. I’ve been noticing many bloggers mentioning Steampunk, and now I’m really curious. I’m going to check out your link.

    Hope you enjoy your reading, whether skimming, scanning, or doing a “deep read.” LOL

    Here’s my Monday:

  5. Wow, you’re on a Steampunk roll. I have yet to read my first Steampunk, but this week it’ll happen – Soulless.

  6. I love the titles of Modine Gunch’s novels. I wonder why you should never sleep with a fat man in July? Why not August? Hmmm….maybe I’ll have to pick up her book to find the answers.

  7. Beauty and the Beast sounds like it would be an interesting read.

  8. I’ve seen a couple of people mention Steampunk in the last few weeks, it makes me curious to try it out soon 🙂

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