a Natural History of the Senses

“The senses don’t just make sense of life in bold or subtle acts of clarity, they tear reality apart into vibrant morsels and reassemble them into a meaningful pattern.” – Diane Ackerman

I love this quote. . I scrap booked this quote. (I’ve probably even blogged about it before.)

I call my thoughts on this “The Kaleidoscope”

by Anna Marie Catoir

When I read books or quotes from others, what do I see? It is one of those ideas that makes my mind race in a thousand directions at one. It is one of those moments where my brain goes off and plays in margins and it takes my eyes a while to realize that I’ve no idea what they’ve read for the last few sentences. To me it is everything that is special about wet paint and bolts of fabric. Every time I read it I get this image of myself standing inside a Kaleidoscope with bits of color and shape racing past me. Patterns and ideas flashing by in such a way that makes you want to leap for them, but part of you thinks that you’ll see what you came for when the tumbler is finished. (Is that the truth?) We all perceive things differently. All attracted to different shiny bits and bobs. Our senses render the world breaking it down to test it, to taste it, to smell it, to feel it, to hear it… in all its smallest of bits before sewing back together faster than the blink of eye. It’s no wonder we all see things differently… constantly assembling and reassembling the stage we live on. Painting the colors based on input of that moment and thousands before it. Stitching out the patterns according to our one compass. Not just the big moments, but the small ones. The tiniest flecks of taste, touch, smell, sound, and light. I am almost giddy with the possibilities. Like someone playing with a doll playing puppets there are infinite combinations of plays being staged in a moment. The kaleidoscope turns again and we all start over. It is simple joy. AMC 10-31-2010

The quote is from A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman. The image in my scrapbook page came from an old Doll magazine.

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