Anna Marie’s Masks

Hello all,

As you know we have lost this wonderful woman, my daughter. I am still in the state of shock but she would want me to at least keep you posted. The St.Tammany Library has requested her Masks to once again be on display through Feb and March.  I hope you get a chance if you live in Louisiana to view them at the Mandeville Branch directly across the highway from where she loved to work Barnes and Noble, Hwy 22, off Hwy 190.

I wish to add that Anna Marie just finished working on a project for Diana Rowland, who she admires greatly. She loved all her literary friends. She loved working at Barnes and Noble and missed her friends there greatly.

She wanted to fight on but her body just couldn’t take any more torture from those that were suppose to be curing her of a curable cancer. I will be posting a link in the future on how a person must take charge of their care and stop letting the doctor’s lack of results in your cure or fix… stop letting the easy answer be acceptable when you know your in more pain and they are not giving you or helping you get results. We all would prefer to hear we don’t have cancer and it’s just a muscle pull, when in fact the doctor was wrong for 7 1/2 months and cause the cancer to get too much of a grip on her body.  Yes, I am mad, but the her doctor took the easy way out and my daughter paid the price.

Mary Catoir, Anna Marie’s mom

Anna Marie’s family requests donations to the Anna Marie Catoir Memorial Fund, c/o Capital One Bank, 3840 Hwy 22, Mandeville, La. 70471, to be used to support causes close to Anna Marie’s heart–to help local future aspiring artists and authors.

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