Cancer part 3/4 updates

3) On Nova I saw this today 2-20-1011

Making Stuff: Smarter

This is CANCER RESEARCH and new methods being worked on.

Explore a new generation of ingenious materials, etc. Aired February 9, 2011 on PBS

Nova video – click on it there are several so be careful you get the right one, than move the bar to start at 40:36 on the clock ( to skip the the other topics)

To listen to Bob Langer who runs the the largest Bio Engineering lab in the world in Mass. MIT. He went into Cancer Research.

Bob Langer that is working with and on a target capsule that goes directly to the cancer cell instead of attacking all cell in the body. WONDERFUL can’t wait, not sure when or if it’s being tested but … don’t forget to inquiry if ever you get cancer. Bob Langer hold 700 patents.

Check out his other inventions for drug delivery.

PLEASE continue to ask if the is available if and when you should get cancer. Since he works at Mass it may be tested there.


4) This is second update today…


( parts below click on link for total report )

Another cancer myth Dr. Oz exposes about cancer is that you can’t catch cancer. Dr. Ilana Cass revealed that some bacteria and viruses can be contagious, and they do cause cancer. So in a way, cancer can be contagious. H. Pylori is one such bacteria that leads to stomach cancer. The HPV virus causes cervical cancer and Hepatitis B causes liver damage which can lead to liver cancer. The best thing to do is get vaccinated against the viruses and if you have the H. Pylori bacteria, antibiotics can treat it.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Li then revealed some foods you can eat to help fight cancer, and the most surprising one is CHEESE. The hard cheeses gouda, edam, emmenthal and Jarlsburg can actually lower your risk of developing cancer because they contain vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 (also called menaquinone) is a cancer-cell killer and it helps prevent hardening of the arteries. Eat two slices of these hard cheeses every day for good health. If you are lactose intolerant or hate cheese, dark chicken meat from the thighs and drumsticks also contains K2.

The Three Cancer Preventing Secrets according to Dr. Oz are: Eat hard cheese, exercise regularly and stop grilling or pan-frying your meat. Apparently research shows that grilling or pan-frying meat causes the muscles to release cancer-causing chemicals, especially in the charred parts of the meat that was closest to the flame. Dr. Oz recommends steaming, broiling and sautéing (cooking over low heat) meat instead. Marinating and pre-cooking the meat before you put it on the grill helps. The goal is to cook it in a way that you don’t see any charring on the meat.

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