Jane Austen Event includes Tribute AMCatoir

Two day event.  There will be three reading from Anna Marie’s journals, A Fairy Tale, Wanting, The Kaleidoscope.

Dear Mary & Clyde,
First let me offer my sincere condolences for the loss of your Anna Marie. I can only imagine what you must be going through. I was shocked & saddened to hear of her passing.
I knew Anna Marie from Barnes & Noble. I am one of the founders of The Jane Austen Literary Festival in Mandeville. Anna Marie helped us from the very inception with bringing B&N on board as one of partners in the Festival. Whenever she had an idea that might help us she would call me. I still have a message from her on my cell phone. She suggested that we partner with the Northshore Literary Society, which has turned out to be a successful endeavor. I often visited B&N & would overhear her talking to high school students, sharing her creative ideas with them & it would make me smile.  I had no problem remembering her name because my name is Danna Marie.
Our 4th annual Festival is taking place this weekend. Sunday’s events will take place at The Lake House on the Mandeville Lakefront. We will be having a brunch & readings of love letters. The winner of our Perfect Love Letter competition is announced at the Festival on Sunday. Also the Northshore Literary Society is doing a panel on how to write a book & get it published. Since Anna Marie was so instrumental in helping us get our nonprofit off the ground, we are dedicating the love letter section to her. I am trying to get together some of her writings & a photo to display on our cherished Letters from the Attic table at the event. I have printed out some of her writings from her blog but was wondering if you had some poetry, photos & other memorabilia we could borrow for Sunday’s events. I would like to have some of her poetry read aloud. You are more than welcome to join us & do a reading yourselves. I can send you further information detailing the events of our Festival if you would like.
Danna Acker
Vice-President, The Jane Austen Foundation of Louisiana, Inc.



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