Jane Austen weekend event

Hello all, the Jane Austen Event Sun was wonderful, I missed the Looking for Mr Darcey and No Plain Jane contest on Sat due to prior commitments.  But on 2nd  day – it as I said wonderful. It was held at the Lakehouse Restaurant in  Mandeville that overlooks Lake Pontchartrain – to watch the sail boat out on a beautiful sunny day. They served the brunch of grillades and grits with bacon and biscuits, ( to any Northerner that roast beef and the best gravy over grits made by experts not fast food or hotels) than later in the day cake and champagne. Tribute to Anna Marie was so moving, Jane and I read three poems from her journals. Her memorial fund wrote out two checks to the 1st / 2nd place to  Perfect Love Letter winners. Many donated thru the purchase of her angels to keep the fund growing for next year and other such events. There was a huge raffle basket and 15 silent bid auction gifts. How to write sell,  get published authors from Northshore Literary group authors was excellent.  Diane Rowland and Pamale Lott to name just two authors. Clyde won two baskets.  I was blessed to met yet two ladies that Anna Marie helped get started.   Danna Marie is an organizer of the JaneAustenEvent told me how Anna Marie got them connect with NSLS.

Mary C.

Angels of all sizes are still available for donation – catoir@bellsouth.net  –

See photos.



Mary & Clyde

2nd place  -We wrote the Perfect Love Letters  - 1 st place


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