Books finished

Completed two books this weekend, Soulless and Blameless. Soulless was more exciting I think because it was new novel to me. I stayed with Blameless as I couldn’t wait to see how A was going to handle her minor inconvenience and see how her husband was going to grovel his way out of his of not thinking of his loving loyal wife. I found the pack handling of their alpha very interesting.

I hear that Gail is coming to New Orleans, but still have not found out where and exactly when. I did pick up a parasol for Anna Marie as she was always talking that we both should get ourselves those before our next zany road trip.

Yes, some of these reviews are going to be repeated books, as I am trying to catch myself up on the novel Anna Marie spoke of so often. I have started The Many Lives of the Firefly Brothers now.

More later. Presently waiting for the Library’s blog teacher to show up, traffic was bad this evening.

PS. Northshore Literary Society meeting is this Sunday, Madisonville Meeting place, 6pm.

Anna Marie’s Mom  Mary Catoir


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  1. I haven’t read those books, but I have heard they are good.

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