The Cat Who – no more

Lilian Jackson Braun, she was one of our (Anna Marie and I) 
favorite authors to read to and from dog shows. So much fun 
and some many mysteries. Those cleaver cats and the wonderful
community they live in.  Many times we chose audio books love 
the man that read them so well, too.  She who wrote 29 books
in the "The Cat Who ..." mystery series has died at a hospice
center in South Carolina.

Lilian Jackson Braun was 97. Braun wrote 31 books, including
two short story collections, and worked 30 years at The Detroit
Free Press until her retirement in 1984.

Her first book, "The Cat Who Could Read Backwards," was published
in 1966. She retired from writing in 2007 after the publication
of "The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers."
In that is a little private joke since Anna Marie and her 
brother were both dyslexic.  

Her books can be enjoyed over and over again, she will never die
in the hearts of those that love her books. 

Anna Marie guess who you will be getting to meet. 
Love Mom

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