Books and Movies

Books :

Nora Robert’s book The Search and it was good. About a lady, a man, a serial killer and search and rescue dogs, did I say romance too!

Janet Evanovich’s Series #’s  14th 15th.  Finished and they are what can I say, just delightful funny reads. Will start on Sizziling Sixteen this week.

Skulduggy Pleasant was first loaned to me by Anna Marie while I was on a dog show weekend by myself -enjoyable and held my interest; and now finished Skulduggy Playing with Fire, also did not disappoint, you will like these adventures. I will now look for The Faceless Ones so I can continue to watch Valkyrie and Skuldugery as they seek out new adventures.


                Cowboy and Aliens … was ok, the normal shoot em up .. still a good day out of the house, love the “The stop thinking scene” so typical da!

Thor was good since been super long time since I read any comics.

Captain America really started off good, went cold and than picked up to a “Buck Rogers” in the sky movie, but I did enjoy it, after all who doesn’t wish all our soldier could be protected by Captain America and out fitted for their own safety.  Why is there war?

Harry Potter‘s final movie Deathly Hallows part 2 was great, it wrapped everything up nicely.


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