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Today I went to see Pamela Egan MN, FNP-C,CDE ABAAHP Diplomat, she runs Egan’s Wellness Clinic in Covington. I was not surprise to hear that she said her daughter who just graduated has become a doctor, was only taught one hour on nutrition. And the only female hormone education they get is how to prescribe the birth control pill.

I am on a diet not just to loose weight but to loose what is keeping me down. I am after 8 weeks 98% sugar and carb that are white – free. Faint, I don’t crave the candy anymore, doesn’t mean I can’t have it but don’t crave it. Sugar and carbs really messes up more than we realize in our bodies. I think this time it’s a permanent change for the good in my life.

I am nearly finished reading Suzanne Somers’ book AGELESS for the second time. Yes.. if you haven’t read this ladies, do yourself a huge favor read it and when you are ready you will want to try all that is suggested from the doctors she has quoted in her book. Surprise surprise there is a section on men too that need to re aline their health needs.

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  1. After having my third heart attack, (yup, third) I finally started listening to the doctor about my weight and diet needs. I am now eating correctly (like you, nothing white) and trying to exercise. Eating right hasn’t been all that hard, but the exercise part of the plan isn’t going so well. LOL I’ll keep at it and hopefully become stronger each day.
    Hugs to you. You’re still in my prayers.
    Charlotte Parker

    • Hello Charlotte, Please stay well, I am sorry to hear you have had 3rd heart attack.

      I worry because I have leaky value and get a racing hear that scary me alot, but the medical doctor doesn’t seem to think it’s anything. da she is not me. I decided that another doctor or this Pamela Egan was necessary .. something else had to be done. I have been on thryoid six month and it wasn’t doing anything and P.Egan says it wasn’t working both T3 T4 whatever and she wonder how I was even standing up. I told her all I want to do was sleep and all the medical doctor wants is me to see a shrink. da! like that is going to bring Anna Marie back ?

      Even if you only exercise a little bit it’s better than nothing. I get on the stationary bike and step master only every other day and not more than ten minutes. I just don’t have all the energy I need yet. I lost 7 pounds but it should be more, maybe with the new thyroid and bio idental hormone cream it will help. I sure hope. But I don’t miss the sugar as much as I thought I would, there are no major cravings. Protein and fat, avoid the white stuff and carbs. I did find that pototoes are not all bad but don’t do them often.

      I was thinking about you so it good that you wrote. Not now but I may need a ghost writer if I can’t find the ending of Anna Marie’s second novel. I am going to the NSLS meeting in Oct, I think it’s the 2nd at Madisonville Market place, Pamela Lott is suppose to offer me some suggestions too. But they only saw her poems, her stories are different.

      I have short story from Anna Marie that is completed, I really like it. I knew she had one novel completed, just have to be sure it’s the final version; but I found a second one that that only has 90 typed pages stops at the high point of the story, dated 2006, I really want to read the rest, held me the whole way. They may not be the highest calibler but they hold your interest, doesn’t drag.

      I am going to look into getting them self published if nothing else, but I have many many more notebooks to go thru before I am sure I have the final copy of the first one. And of course find the ending of the second one. Her short story just needs spelling correction, it’s good but short only 65 pages I will have to see if I can find some art work to go with it.

      Nothing is important anymore so I am trying to concentrate on her stuff and see if I can get it sorted and do something worthwhile with it, she had told me she wanted to get her novel out in 2011, but Anna Marie didn’t show it to me or let me know. She kept everything to herself, we just didn’t know and I still can’t believe she isn’t here.

      Clyde and I are so lonely as you can imagine, not a minute goes by or any where we go we don’t think of her or miss her. Her girlfriends from work had a Birthday Party for her and it was good as it was the first time Clyde really got out and got to talk to another man. Jess husband. We are going to try to get together once a month, we will see how that works out. We don’t really have any adult friends we pal with, Clyde work friends didn’t melt and my dog friends well most are out of town. His family is good and we have been going across the lake more.

      Please stay in touch, take care of yourself. you can reach me at either email address gmail or bellsouth or phone.


      Mary C.

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