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I have been totally enjoying the alien world of Gini Koch. Anna Marie had told me that I would enjoy Touched by An Alien, – I have it – was so funny. I went and picked up Alien Tango, this one was a bit more far fetched but lets keep it all in the family.. yes very funny.  I am now on book three Alien in the Family.  And to my surprise inside book cover said book four of the series will be out in Dec. 2011.

Clyde and I went and saw Abduction and it was good, kept pace with most of the other who done its out there with younger stars.

I was happy to see the previews for ONE FOR THE MONEY by one of may favorites Janet Evanovich  and Breaking Dawn part one of the Twilight saga, Stephanie Myers.

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  1. Well, MaryAnn Dubrock has beaten me and read all Gini Koch – Alien series books on my suggestion. And I just got Stephanie Catoir to pick up the series last Sunday. I have been stretching my reading out so it will last longer. They are such funny good reads… makes you forget your troubles and drift away on Kitty and Jeff’s adventures.

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