We Need to Talk About Kevinby Lionel Shriver 2003,Harper Perennial Publisher


We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver 2003,Harper Perennial Publisher

This book handled a disturbing topic in an interesting way, told by the mother Eva thru letters about her son Kevin who she honestly didn’t like. A trouble teen that committed mass murder at school and before that other acts of contempt and violence. The ending presented a twist and since this book won an award in the UK, sure that many loved or hated it, getting the reaction the author wanted. Reading to me should be for enjoyment and escapism but when you want factual or deep thoughts on why someone does what they do, this book mimics real like giving the audience what they want. Kevin and his mother were both cold individuals. It did make you think and re valuate things you have first read, we all need and want more love, surely acceptance. In my opinion, it’s a dark book, not for me or other causal readers.


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