Mrs. Baker’s and Jayi welcomes you …

Mrs. Baker's Ghost welcomes you.. just open the door.

Mrs. Baker’s Ghost welcomes you.. just open the door.  

I pulled myself from the pile of pillows and sheets where I slept.Then I wrapped my favorite blanket around me before following the lone note of the trumpet to Cory Porter’s open door. From the hall I could see he wasn’t alone. Four or five of Whiskey Bay’s regulars were all snuggled down in the well-worn, overstuffed sofa and armchairs. Tonight, Cory was the sole performer. The trumpet’s notes multiplied into a heartbreaking melody that awakened me. Now, his music stirred up into a furious storm of angry notes that taunted and raged at the listener. I walked in slowly and approached the sofa. One of Cory’s friends patted his lap and I sat down. I nestled sideways on the man’s lap with my head against his shoulder. The music softened into a steady rhythm accompanied by the beating heart of the man who held me. or .. Just type the title Mrs. Baker’s Ghost and step through the door. If you have already ventured through the book, please go back and leave a short book review.

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