The Women’s Book Salon

The Women’s Book Salon started in March of 2010 for Women’s History Month. It meets every other month at the Barnes & Noble in Mandeville, LA.  This isn’t your average book club. We pick a topic and then everyone reads a book of their choice that pertains to said topic. Then on a Sunday afternoon we get together and talk and talk. Below is a list of our current and past topics.

Cowgirls — February 2011 (more info to come)

Women During WWII — September 2010

— For this one I read Slacks and Calluses.

Southern Women (Wit * Wisdom * Stereotype) — July 2010

— For this one I read Hell’s Belles.

International Women — May 2010

— For this I read Book of Margery Kempe.

Louisiana Women — March 2010

The First Meeting of the Women’s Book Salon.

This Women’s History Month, I’m making it Louisiana Women’s History Month! At work I’m hosting a book salon where I’m inviting everyone to read about the life of Louisiana Woman and come discuss their choice with the group. I was inspired by the Women Unbound Book Challenge and the National Women’s History Project‘s theme for 2010 which is Writing Women Back Into History. For details about the book salon click here.

Below, I am compiling a list of books about Louisiana Women.  I know this list can be longer. So, if y’all have any titles to add just comment on this post and I’ll compile them in the coming weeks.

Click here for a .doc file: Louisiana Women’s History Bibliography


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