All the Wrinkled Ladies

Of all the remakes and covers of “All the Singles Ladies” that have circulated the internet, I think this one is my favorite.



I discovered Kickstarter a while back and liked the idea. There are many weird and wonderful project that people are striving to do. These are the three that I chose to support in efforts to explore this medium. I am interested in what it might mean for publishing. In an age where all the mainstream news seems to be have moved from Print-on-Demand (POD) to E-Books. Here are people looking to craft small personal editions of their work. For me POD books lack some of the sensual pleasures that I get from selecting and reading a physical book due to their often bland and clumsy assemblage and E-books lack all of them. I’m intrigued by these Kickstarter projects and for how ever much I choose to pledge, I can watch someones work unfold. I hope you check them out and I wish them good luck.

Frank Portman’s new book

The First Book:

I really liked Frank Portman’s King Dork when I read it a year or so ago. I’ve recommended it a few friends who have just said, “interesting.” I suspect they liked it too, but don’t have anything to compare it against.  I find that happens to readers who spend the majority of their reading time in one genre. King Dork is a wonderful mish-mash of high school and music, lust and literature, quest and fantasy. It’s great! More people should read it.

The Music:

After finishing the book, I Googled the author, of course. I wanted to know if he’d written anything else. I discovered was that he was a musician (music is a big part of King Dork). There were some song on his website and I eventually ended up downloading one of albums — Love is Dead.

The New Book:

I can’t wait to read the new book, Andromeda Klein. I hope that it is as fresh and funny as King Dork was. I hope that if I like it, I can recommended to people who might not have ordinary picked it up (even if they just say, “interesting”). While the reviews say music won’t be a big part of this book, they  are talking about music being part of the promotion.
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