It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? (Oct. 25)


The Nativity Collection by Robert J. Morgan


(a repeat of last week I’m afraid)

Shimmer #11 –  The Clockwork Jungle Book

Horns & Wrinkles by Joseph Helgerson — so far this is cute.

Wish List:

I think it is the covers that really sold me on Koch’s Alien series. I think I’ll wait till at least book 2 comes out before I start them. Check out the guest blog at Dark Faerie Tales.



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( On a personal note want to continue to ask St. Jude, St. Rita, the Blessed Mother, and Heavenly Father for their help and to pass their love to all my friends and family in need.)


Review: The Nativity Collection by Robert J. Morgan

The Nativity Collection The Nativity Collection by Robert J. Morgan is a set of six stories beautifully packaged in a medium size gift book. Each story houses some gem of the true meaning of Christmas. That meaning which we seem to search for amongst the decorations, school plays, and snow every year. At first I thought the stories were going to be too Hallmark Moment as staged as the photographs that are sprinkled among the pages of this collection. But, the first one “Ollie,” about memory and compassion, brought a tear to my eye. The stories are very quick reads and you might even see the ending coming long before it get there, but they will still touch you. One of my favorites in this collection was “Nativity Seen Smiling” which has a touch of the Gift of the Magi about it. I’d recommend this book as sort of a pre-Christmas gift (there is a thoughtful inscription page at the front). The introduction said they were read by the author to his congregation, a new one every year. I think that and what it says about stories making up our lives is so true.

Review copy provided via the BookSneeze Program.