Linchpin & Salons

I like audio books like Linchpin by Seth Godin, they help charge my personal batteries and press me to do something. I’ve enjoyed several of Godin’s books, but I think Linchpin is my favorite. I don’t know why. Maybe, because they remind me that change is possible from any position or point. Maybe, because them help me reaffirm that my art is something real. That doing what I love is something I should be doing.

When I listened to Godin’s Tribes,I remembered feeling fired up, but not really knowing what to do with that energy. I often feel like paralyzed by choice. That I want to do everything and don’t know where to start. Then I’m reminded to just start! Doing the work. Producing something and getting out the door is the point or at least the start. Godin calls it your art, your real work.

He talks about fighting the distractions and the Lizard Brain. As he gives his examples, I can see them at work in the life around me.

Sunday, I hosted a Women’s Book Salon. One person attended. My friend Toni Orrill, who has a deep faith. We’d both chosen to read about women who led religious lives.  I’d read about Margery Kempe and she’d read about St. Teresa and about a missionary’s wife who’s name is escaping me at the moment (I’ll have to ask again).  As she was telling me about St. Teresa and ‘soul work’ the words she was using to describe this where the same words that Godin had used in Linchpin.

It was so odd to here these echoes in my mind. One about building your inner castle and working on your soul while fighting the distractions or serpents. The other about finding your true work, your art while fighting the distractions of modern life and your Lizard Brain.

We talked about these parallels for a while before delving back into the lives of the women we’d chosen to read about and the back to our own lives. It was a great conversation.

I always want to read everything. I become curious about the stories presented to me everyday. When the stories and ideas come together like this (I can’t help imaging spider webs in my mind) it is like a magic moment that gives me an amazing amount of energy that I can’t wait to channel into new projects.

What charges your batteries? What ideas have come together for you lately?

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Upcoming events!

4 Events

Saturday, Feb. 27th @ 2pm
Diana Rowland will be signing her new book Blood of the Demon @ Barnes & Noble in Mandeville, LA.

Sunday, Feb. 28th @ 4pm
Northshore Literary Society presents Christa Allan and Toni Orrill. The event will be held at Friends Restaurant in Madisonville and is $10 for non-members.

Wednesday, March 3rd @ 7pm
Erica Spindler will be signing her new book Blood Vines @ Barnes & Noble in Mandeville, LA.

Sunday, March 7th @ 4pm
Louisiana Women’s Histoy book salon. Read a book about any Louisiana Women and they come and discuss her with the group, @ Barnes & Noble in Mandeville, LA.

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Christa Allan

A fellow member of the Northshore Literary Society, Christa Allan will be signing her debut novel Walking on Broken Glass at Barnes & Noble in Mandeville, LA on Saturday, Feb. 6th, 2010.

Then on Sunday, Feb. 28th, 2010, Christa Allan and Toni Orrill will be discussing their respective books at the Northshore Literary Society meeting at Friends restaurant in Madisonville.

Events to Attend

Saturday, July 18th

Toni Orrill will be signing her books at the Barnes & Noble in Mandeville, LA from 2pm — 4 pm.

The Glorious Summer the Broken Fall

Sunday, August 9th

The Northshore Literary Society will host its next meeting at Speakeasy II in Madisonville, LA from 4pm — 6pm. Our guest speakers will be Gene Lipps and Diana Rowland . Gene will talk about the art of song writing and Diana will talk about her novel Mark of the Demon.

Diana Rowland -- Mark of the Demon Diana Rowland and Anna Marie Catoir
photo Times-Picayune, Elizabeth Moore