a great twitter uproar…

“users on both sides of the debate and across the spectrum of grammatical ability” — Keith Staskiewicz, Entertainment Weekly

I love that line. My grammar is not great at the best of time and trying to condense things down to 140 characters is like inventing code some days.


Poem published today…

My newest poem “Symbols Repeat” was published today at http://twitter.com/microcosms/status/12884945606

I’m very excited! Go check it out.

a Sale, YEAH!

I sold a poem, for which I will be paid in money. It is for a Twitter stream that will start April 1st in honor of National Poetry Month, so my poem is very very short. It plays with some themes I’ve worked on in other poems. I will link to it when the time comes, but just thought I’d share the good news.